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Java solved programs based on class and objects: Here you will find programs, which are implemented using class and objects in java with solution, output and explanation. This section contains programs on Class and Objects , here you will learn how to create classes and their instances, calling the class methods etc. In Java the name of a public class is in a file with the same name and java for an extension. The name of the file and the name of its public class need to match. The name you give to your class and its file should probably be related to the problem you are trying to solve. Here we are trying to get a beeper. Question 1: B. This program can be in any .java file. Compiling will create one new file called Test.class. (It does not have to be in, because class Test is not public. No file "main.class" is created, because main is a method, not a class.) Question 2: D.